Hey Everyone!

We wanted to share a little bit about ourselves and how Dahab started, because we feel the better you know us, the more you know what to expect from our cosmetics! 

We have been friends for several years and, although we tend to be pretty opposite on most fronts, we both share a passion for fashion, makeup and all things beautiful. We also both agree that no look is complete without a good lipstick! It's the one cosmetic item that we are always buying and re-applying. 

The inspiration to create our own brand of lipstick came to us while discussing how annoying it was to have to re-apply your lipstick five times a day and to have to check your front camera, just to make sure it wasn't on your teeth or running in the middle.  

We decided we wanted to create a lipstick with the staying power of waterproof mascara, in our favorite shades, that could be applied only once and last the whole day. With a lot of perseverance and quite a bit of teamwork, we introduced our company’s flagship product, Ultra Matte Lip Stain, in five gorgeous shades. This liquid-to-matte lipstick does exactly what we envisioned, and more! 

The name for our line was something we grappled with for months, bouncing countless ideas back and forth. We wanted something that was unique and captured the essence of our quality products while keeping in touch with our roots. As proud daughters of Lebanon, we looked to things we considered precious and it was then that “Dahab” the Arabic word for gold, hit us as the perfect name which would embody the brand of our company. Thus, Dahab Cosmetics was born! 

As many of you may know, gold is something precious, but most importantly it represents, quality and extravagance.  This is exactly how we would describe our brand.  Dahab Cosmetics is inspired by our love for quality and the finer things in life, which any and all women can relate to. 

We know that you will love our products as much as we do! Let's be honest, you can never have too much gold!